Hello IPv6 googlers

Ive mailed this idea to the support a few weeks ago, but i doubt that ill get an reply, so i thought i would try this.

As you know good IPv6 connectivity is still not very easy to get, and there is still some “i/we dont need IPv6” going around.
To promote the usage of IPv6 there has been a lot of talk about a “Killer app” to promote it. Well i have found something that might give it a boost if handled properly.

My idea is based on the idea that you get bad credits when your site is unreachable for X amount of time on IPv4, if im not mistaken this is something that reflects in the results.
Basicly this should also apply for IPv6, but since there are very little IPv6 enabled websites this would mean almost all the sites would get bad credits… but you could turn it around…
So an site with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity would get “higher” in the search results as the same site with only IPv4.

Then hopefully this will get picked up by the SEO scene and could provide in a bigger demand for IPv6.

I hope the idea gets plugged somewhere on your end.

With kind regards,


P.s. I havent seen any crawler on IPv6 any hints on when i can expect those?

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  1. Freeaqingme says:

    >> P.s. I havent seen any crawler on IPv6 any hints on when i can expect those?

    If you’re lucky around the year 25, one month before the entire pool of free ipv6 addresses is depleted :P

  2. Lennie says:

    While I really like the idea, it is not a new idea.

    The people from Google have been asked about this for a few times already.

    But atleast ‘recently’ GoogleBot supports IPv6, so it is a start.


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